#3 KineticDrawing

“Drawing with software (Processing) produces the ability to integrate time, response and behavior with drawn marks. Information from the mouse can be combined with techniques of motion to produce animated drawings that capture the kinetic gestures of the hand and reinterpret them as intricate motion….”

-Casey Reas & Ben Fry, Processing a Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists.

This is an iteration to create drawing tool. My inspiration is from kinetic sculpture. Kinetic sculpture combines motion and mechanic through different source of power. By relying on natural power such as wind or wave, or electricity steam and clockwork, kinetic sculpture has a motion system to balance all the component. The most interesting part is its continuity and perpetuum state.I was looking for simple method to create a similar system. Instead of natral source, a human activity to make the

The code is probably for the simulation. Using code, I was hoping to create a similar system and a simulation of different drawing result. by observing the shape and hoe it moves, I was hoping to create something similar but in different form. Because in the digital media, it is easy to change the source of the power like light or sound. User has higher control onhe program.

One of the reference is drawbot. It is a drawing system that mixes standard drawing materials with weighted motors and plastic cups. Vibration is the power source that cause the pattern.  start using basic mouse track. In the end result, I was hoping creating with audio source like wind and human voice.




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