Class Collaboration

During the class we (group with Rachel and Vivian) list a coule possible related domain of the interest, here I record the first draft.
Social Community/ Communication design / Video game / web media/ environmental issue/ Urban research/ Education develop creativity/ Installation sculpture in public space/Printing/ journalism /activism art
After organized:
1. Social – community –   journalism
                                        –   education
                                        –   urban research
2. Communication design –   design –game
1&2 } Activism art
Group of people that should be looking
–           census board ur
–           congress library  archives  -DC
–           Bureau of land management UR
–           SIGGRAPH
–           DISC Designing interactive System
–           Mozilla Badge foundation for education
–           Institute of play
–           play tech
–           pet Lab
–           Katie Sala
–           Terese Villa ur busharck
–           MFA DT Lisa stark/ Melanie / Romero / Katherine
–           fun Theory
–           art play
Related reading :
–           Just Design: socially conscious Design for critical causes by Christophers Simmons
–        Designing for the Social Change by Andrew Shea

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