Conversation summary-

Day 09/12 Studio Talk
Thesis- framing problem yourself.
Module is a journey that provide chances getting lost and enjoy the lost in order to find something new on research.

It gives structure of whole thesis
Prototype  means we make something .Prototype can be different media.
Using Dialectic method – Learn the two thing , and form an argument that can solve the disagreement.
Everyday, list on what should I do next do the other day
Phrase Clarification
Community  e.g. acm.  Posses a related or common thing that fit in the same category but not necessary to interact.
Club. – Small group meet regularly.  Affinity… share something they like in common
Communication design – e.g street Sign and I love NY logoExample mentioned
The fun theory. Social intervention.
Persuasive design/Behavior changes.

frame a problem- Thesis is focus on series of idea.

Book- (Architecture) Design like I give a damn
Find five problem.
Art Therapy –
among school, people, institute who use it.
As many as what it can be
For what kind of people – psyche  trauma cancer.
Some said it fake. make an argument that is plausible to explain.
Prototype is related to art therapy. Method can varied. iPhone thumb therapy.

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