New Prototype

This goal of this drawing program is for testing user response for those “playable” app that one can easily found in the app market. App such as WURM and Silk, provided users new experience playing these app. Not only because of it can create a pattern but also it allow user’s freedom to interact. In this program, if one clicks the screen, it will generate some particles and these particles, according to physical animation, create the trace in the painting.  At the beginning, I found the effect of trace has some potential for further development in doodling. I went back to ask Fabie to test this for me. She did not like the idea that computer took her job in drawing. When I show her a simple bubble interaction, she seems more interested. This prototype did break the assumption that any kind of drawing app can be used for art therapy. It actually not and gives more distraction. The animation is different for sure. But when function has to suit for personal preference, it had better to become neutral.

Although the result does not seem promising, I do have a couple findings. The action of coloring provides a visible goal and achievement in these small coloring goal. Mandala drawing, group art therapy,and color blending will possibly return on my working list. The dynamic process of group art and human’s response to the circle might worth for creating new user’s experience.


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