story about mobile therapy

Looks like a lot of developer are dealing with mental issue.
What’s interesting is that they are not especially for art therapy and communication difficulties.
Is it because there are actually other easier way to make people “feel good?”


Color Palette

So the third iteration attempt to add menu does not goes well
Also could not find menu transition effect or make it work

-Scroll bar is not working with color picker.

The direction will fix to using geometry to make cubism painting.
 Function required
-mouse drag and drop
-still need menu bar
-simple color Palette
*layer library is optional

delay for this week schedule 😦

Thesis Schedule

So far, I arrange possible working schedule at here

Jan 28 – Feb 02
Feb 03- Feb 09
Feb 10- Feb 17
Feb 18- Feb 24
Review of Winter Work and Goals
★Voiceover Due
Iterations and Project Schedules
Iterations and Exhibition Design
User Test workshops
1.check point-
confirm with the direction and medium
clearance of technique difficulties
1.1st  Iteration: Group art

PC to portable device

A) Processing OSC Android to draw simultaneously
1. 2nd  Iteration

device to device


A) Pattern drawing
function added
B )Color plate added
C ) Result display for discussion
1.Presentations and discussions
How art therapist can adopt these things
* find out what can be used in NYC therapist list.

App for iteration #C

These are a couple of trial in studying the form/content of the drawing.

Reference that can be applied in drawing canvas:
Text Character Paint (Text Rain by Camille Utterback & Romy Achituv )

Pattern (from Processing Example Sketch )

Pollac Paint

I have not being able to use pattern and drop paint for now.Considering the aspect of playable,they are interesting. Pollac paint is possible to build and can become an iteration. However, content of how they can be applied in art therapy is lacking crucial support now. It can be viewed also as a digital format of simple/simplistic app to draw this effect without mass preparation. How physical format is different than digital remain a issue standing there.

Spectrum draw
This is especially studying on applying color plate inside the app.
Using library

Simple Color testing
a progress sketch in applying simple color because the spectrum draw filed to be applied in tablet.