CollARTFunction/Features draft

In the beginning, the app was designed to have six different type of drawing.

I separate them into

1. Free Drawing (DDS)- free drawing is an intuitive tool to express visually. Communication of the painting can throughcolor, stroke or the content that author stressing.


The nature of creating a mandala is symbolic and abstract. Using mathematics, technology provide an easier way to draw mandala from a blank canvas. The process for making mandala is through the progress t provide painter a focus mind on the small goal. The content in mandala can be separate into layers. For example, the center will normally be a center of inner life and outer circle showed the whole perception in outer life. It is not always obvious but through color, shape, how pattern are arrange, we do can find more or less clues in mandala as a reference to understand an inner mind. The pattern of a circle with a center is a structure that related to our nature world. Flower, for example, is obvious with the center structure that reflects harmony from the inward to the outward.

3. Geometry collaging(n/a) Inspired by mathmetics and Tangram Master puzzle game, I decide instead of using Image collaging, geometry is more systematics and easy to play with. It is also time consuming to place a mosaic pattern. User needs to focus and put efforts of her/his creativity.

4 Topic sculpture creating(HFD,BND,PPAT,BD)-(Human figure drawing, Bird Nest Drawing, a Person Pick an Apple from the Tree, Bridge drawing. )

These four methods can be separated. Because they are all contents-based method, I put all of them into the same box. Instead of drawing and pulling the idea on a piece of paper, user who are painful in drawing can have a visual stimulus, a choice list and limited freedom to build a painting to express themselves.

How it interact is that user choose from a component box and put them on the canvas. For instance, in human figure drawing , user choose short and high figure; body movement; face expression; Bird Nest Drawing includes component of: Bird type; size; numbers; eggs; nest structure; tree shape; scene.

5 Family portrait(FCC) -(Family Centered Circle)This one is for creating group picture directly indicating a family situation. A family portrait can tell the family relationship straight forward. Bird Nest Drawing and Bridge drawing can also test personal attachment.

6.Mood color (n/a) This idea comes from movable therapy when mobile app being applied into psychology usage. Lacking of clinical data found.

2013-03-13 14-57_Page_1

2013-03-13 14-57_Page_2Reference research:

The tools examined in the analysis are presented by A Systematic Analysis of Art Therapy Assessment and Rating Instrument Literature are:


Art Therapy Assessment Instruments Included in the Systematic Analysis

Corresponding Standardized Rating System

Bird’s Nest Drawing (BND) (Kaiser, 1993)

Attachment Rating Scale (Kaiser, 1993)

Bridge Drawing (Hays & Lyons, 1981)

12 variables assembled by authors (informal)

Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS) (Cohen, Hammer & Singer, 1988)

Drawing Analysis Form; Content Checklist (Cohen, 1985/1994)

A Favorite Kind of Day (Manning Rauch, 1987)

Aggression Depicted in the AFKD Rating Instrument (A three-item checklist) (Manning Rauch, 1987)

Person Picking an Apple From a Tree (PPAT)

Formal Elements Art Therapy Scale (FEATS) (Gantt & Tabone, 1998)

The research also did the statistic research on the most used method among art therapists. Diagnostic Drawing Series (DDS) is highly being used. Bird’s Nest Drawing (BND) and the Person Picking an Apple from a Tree (PPAT) are both the second. Because DDS takes time and professional training longer than any other method, I decided to start investigate Bird Nest Drawing first. The research result has some interesting findings in new media format. The detail will be explained in technical module.

However, many of the digital format has not being highly used and no data showing they are qualify for art therapy.

Cathy Malchiodi, an art therapist, who has researched the field of healing arts for many years, believes that digital media is a accessible method and means for self-expression.(The link has introduction of her published books.) In her blog, she expressed the idea of what possibility of embracing digital technology into this profession.


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