CollART Feature list

Processing code

Function that separate into detail:

W- function are working / B- working but has bug! / R- reference using / N-not working

  • drawing object -W
  • Mouse Drag and release W
  • Button mouse rollover W R
  • Color Paltte- W
  • OSC P2P sending data W B
  • Control Panel – W B
  • Sysmetric drawing – w
  • color analysis WR
  • color detect WR
  • color spectrum – N R
  • Trace Silhoutte N R
  • Sliding menu-N
  • Gravity accelerator  R N
  • Layers R N
  • Earsing -B
  • Save/Load
  • Text Input
  • account
  • xml- undo/redo
  • Pressure sensitivity  R
  • info
  • sound response

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