Next week To-do-list

One pager hand in

plan way:  15 minutes explanation that explains to people what I have been doing

1. How much I can do / Showing people what I need to do!

short and succinct 

2. Quickly move to application showing why we are doing it /what  I have been done

showing out your best part: Don’t Panic

EXP- Part of your portion : mandala not all features

Note: What is clear / what is not clear – make sure at the exhibition that is clear

Make audience know what I am cooking. No deep frying thesis and student(Don’t know what it means.

Naomi probably will say” Make it simple and comprehensible. “


Class note: 09/12 studio

To help documentation of the topic being discussed.

Socio gram 
Socio matrix – in science and design
look at twitter connection- you are writing to a community which is big
follower and retwitt
– How important this is ?
– Evaluate value
e.g.  What to use to organize app?
finding a person obsess with app.
everyone goes to the person when same problem/statement occur.
only the people participate is inside
opinion leader ship- e.g help people on internet
influence MAP
Correlation – If you can develop a map that is narrative story
my imagination: Walking on document seeing donut shop go inside and grab a bite on apple pie
there are different ways
acknowledge all the topic multiple research
Primary research
e.g.  Maybe my thesis is about ________
a narrative of description
how many groups can participate make the narrative happen?
e.g. Why we talk about food famine instead of food security?
Can it be another narrative way?
you should build _____
-How you can play with the idea of your topic?
It’s the end product and start product.
how is audience being an exacutive of these sort of ___?
-how do you scale it in a reasonable way to control it?
Or I do not need to control it
material description
It could be useful for _____?
-How do we create thing facilitate success?
e.g. What is twitter?
what does it used for
I want to faciliate a technology to move a force
Know that different angle
Problem is too big
e.g. software prgromer
hard to get consumer feedback
they could not know but google can have that data
– How do make sth work better more beautiful
– how to change the design of button
– how do I redesign remote control
The result is about pressing button
How new Technology can change next generation?
… look at the past and now … preserve the experience of disneyland
Can design change the world? no
why is the world need to be saved in the first place
How to find the real problem in our life?
We can do it in logical ;conceptual; technical
one aspect at one time.
One project you can faciliate
How do we design?
How do we exacute?
Thesis take you to different places
– how do we designer illuminate these issue to be meaningful?
Design interaction interviewing
Moggridge, Bill
You develop personal narrative
ask information as then make it go
Assume you know it and then
What you can think about something somebody said
How do interciew 100 people
how do I speak only 5 people
Who is the one really important and why
Who kill design 2007
how we change or prove how do we
limbic frustration
huge conversation
we are as designer as staststic as solution as paradigm program we areactually i a way systm
we are before the weay
system  binary
that is crumbling
we are soon cross binary world
designer do ____ science do_______
The things we are actually develop now – How do we
Praticing how do we start to do
how is this make my thsis thicker and richer
Da Vinci – perfect person for DT
What is art
what is science what can bring technology
Think about renosanuce  Renaissance
What does techonology to tamper with the field of design ?
Seeing Science and design as discipline
How technology is reshaping where we fit how we fit
the work of many people productive
e.g Make sure braking the law getting rested is absolute