Class Collaboration

During the class we (group with Rachel and Vivian) list a coule possible related domain of the interest, here I record the first draft.
Social Community/ Communication design / Video game / web media/ environmental issue/ Urban research/ Education develop creativity/ Installation sculpture in public space/Printing/ journalism /activism art
After organized:
1. Social – community –   journalism
                                        –   education
                                        –   urban research
2. Communication design –   design –game
1&2 } Activism art
Group of people that should be looking
–           census board ur
–           congress library  archives  -DC
–           Bureau of land management UR
–           SIGGRAPH
–           DISC Designing interactive System
–           Mozilla Badge foundation for education
–           Institute of play
–           play tech
–           pet Lab
–           Katie Sala
–           Terese Villa ur busharck
–           MFA DT Lisa stark/ Melanie / Romero / Katherine
–           fun Theory
–           art play
Related reading :
–           Just Design: socially conscious Design for critical causes by Christophers Simmons
–        Designing for the Social Change by Andrew Shea

#3 KineticDrawing

“Drawing with software (Processing) produces the ability to integrate time, response and behavior with drawn marks. Information from the mouse can be combined with techniques of motion to produce animated drawings that capture the kinetic gestures of the hand and reinterpret them as intricate motion….”

-Casey Reas & Ben Fry, Processing a Programming Handbook for Visual Designers and Artists.

This is an iteration to create drawing tool. My inspiration is from kinetic sculpture. Kinetic sculpture combines motion and mechanic through different source of power. By relying on natural power such as wind or wave, or electricity steam and clockwork, kinetic sculpture has a motion system to balance all the component. The most interesting part is its continuity and perpetuum state.I was looking for simple method to create a similar system. Instead of natral source, a human activity to make the

The code is probably for the simulation. Using code, I was hoping to create a similar system and a simulation of different drawing result. by observing the shape and hoe it moves, I was hoping to create something similar but in different form. Because in the digital media, it is easy to change the source of the power like light or sound. User has higher control onhe program.

One of the reference is drawbot. It is a drawing system that mixes standard drawing materials with weighted motors and plastic cups. Vibration is the power source that cause the pattern.  start using basic mouse track. In the end result, I was hoping creating with audio source like wind and human voice.



Nano #2 Piece of Time

In this simple iteration, i was looking for different method to keep recording time. How scary is the time? It is possibly overrated, but when hour pointer run a circle, daytime has already gone. Everything works according to time. From nature to human being, none is exceptional. How fast is the moment gone?

People perceive time fast or slow by comparison. If they are occupied and concentrated on one thing, time seems to flow like a train or rocket. Whether people notice or not, time moves forward steadily.

Making the texture like piece of paper, I want to describe that time passed as it is not important yet valuable. I also use color to identify the current moment.  People post their picture and video on line as a way to record their moment. It did shows up the time of the recording. On the opposite way, it might not be easy to remember correctly about what you are doing exactly on the moment.  Can we stored memorial moment in the virtual space? Reference:


Nano Project #1 God, talk to me!


I am in the seminar school during summer time. I saw the prayer companion in MOMA last year, so I think it is a good chance to analyze its pros and cons. Reference: Note to God 

Reading : Prayer Companion introduce


Prayer Companion is a device displaying a stream of information sourced from RSS news feeds and social networking sites. It is designed for elder and cloistered Catholic nuns to read the world news and decide possible praying direction. As a resource reminder for the nun’s prayer life, the device also implay that technology can attribute to make human think in spiritual scope. In the project, the device is designed especially for the special needs targets–elder nuns. The design group discuss four themes: the balance between openness and specificity in design, the importance of the system’s materiality, designing for older people, and the potential for computation to serve spirituality relatively directly. Through the ten-months-engagement with users, the report indicates that the device plays a significant role for the users.


Project content:

This is an application concept. For the beginner and those who are weak in faith, it is hard to talk to someone who is invisible. “Praying to God is actually the same as talking to your lover. You treat Him as a real person” said P. Joshua, the head leader senior pastor in Providence. So, effective communication is very important. Praying to God first, then it will become faith.

From the contents of prayer companion, I think there is some part that require improvement. Praying normally requires absolute concentration and longer hours,  the digital device is hard to provide information that can help spiritual growth. Thus, for nuns themselves, the device is limited to certain degree. Reading newspaper can provide a similar effects. The common praying problem including:

1. Asperin prayer- only pray when facing trouble.

2. Unable to concentrate – forget what he/she had said after a couple days, weeks, and months.

3. Forget the praying condition- unable to set long term praying condition

4. pray in form -not sincere but like a habitual behavior.

5. praying topic too general – hard to be sincere

The application needs to be able to solve those situations. This application allows Christian to talk to God in physically way. The content is basically decided by users themselves. Of course, users will not hear real voice as responses to prevent any misunderstanding and misuse of the program. In most cases, Christian found response through realization and inspiration. So the application basically record the prayer content for future reference.

Function deature:
  • Set praying time and the phone will ring
  • User can call at anytime
  • Conversation is recorded for review and improvement
  • Secrecy remains
  • Scripture allows for search and reference
Mock up:




Calender and time setting:


Developing situation:

Right now, the application is like a recorder but have a phone GUI to create the effects. Whether those content is sharable should be decided by user themselves. Privacy is important in such cases. For the behavior changing and result requires further observation on test users.